Hello I'm

How I started in design

When I started at my current job I did everything from SEO, marketing, accounting and community management and loved it because it taught me to take into account aspects such as SEO when starting a design project.

To be honest I think this comes from my family as my father is an artist oil painter. Growing up I was always surrounded by his art and passions, but when I really started it was when my older brother taught me how to use photoshop that sparked in me curiosity.

Another passion of mine are cars and can speak about them all day just as much as design. In fact I studied two years of electromechanical competition which is focused on the world of car and motorcycle racing. I get so much design inspiration from the things that surround them and how they solve problems.

What I do

I help companies kick-start concepts and design by focusing on innovation and creating products that people can use and enjoy.

Product designer working on digital products mainly e-commerce based in Spain. Over the past few years I've worked on verticals including fashion, B2B, gardening, healthcare and sound.

My vision on design

My perspective of how a good culture at work creates great results and long-term relationships.

Be nice
to people.

I truly believe that people come first over technology.

Pay close attention to the user’s needs and pain points.

Design with empathy. Launch, learn & iterate.

Where my inspiration
comes from

As a Product Designer I often look for inspiration from the things I love. Usually it comes from cars, futuristic worlds and illustrations.

Get in touch

Let’s connect and talk about your project and figure out how to work together or if you just want to chat about design and cars.

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