Focuses on the creation of handbags, suitcases, leather goods for everyday travellers.

The challenge

PACOMARTINEZ is a chain of stores that unites the world of fashion and travel in a single concept. Bags, suitcases, accessories and leather goods make up a universe in which quality is always linked to very reasonable prices.
The PACOMARTINEZ firm is present in the most important streets and shopping centers in Spain and Portugal, through more than 100 own and franchised stores.

The challenge was to position sales to the online store in the top 10 within the more than 100 physical stores, which before launching the new store was in position 87, once launched and after a few months it managed to be in the top 10.

How I helped

My focus was on creating an experience for the end customer in which the product was the protagonist, creating consistency between desktop and mobile, improving the purchase process with a minicart with direct access to checkout, giving visibility with infinite scroll in the categories to products that were previously not visible because of pagination.

Home with a meaning

In the home the main objective was to show a slider with product news or promotions the main categories and featured products that are trend.

Two types of category grids

We had the opportunity to show 2 types of grids in the category, the first where 2 products shown by line giving prominence to the product image, the second grid 4 products shown by line for customers who need more products in the same space.

Special product page design for suitcases

For our client, suitcases are a very important product in their catalog, therefore it was necessary to offer a special design in which the product images are larger, product features with related icons and easy to recognize, additional information blocks and display the suitcase family in different sizes.

Default product page

For the rest of the products that are not suitcases, we define a product page in which the product images are on the left and the product information on the right, with this we encourage the final customer to scroll further to see the rest of the images and which case you can also see related products and product family.

Shopping cart with shipping calculation

We gave the minicart and cart an additional value in which a shipping calculation is shown so that the user can see how much money is needed to get the free shipping without entering the checkout.

Sticky color picker on mobile

We had the idea of keeping the color picker sticky in the product page since in mobile the end customer does not lose sight of the add to cart button and in the case of products with color picker, do not lose sight of it either.

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