Why we migrated from Sketch to Figma

- Dependence on external tools to synchronize projects.
- Performance problems with large files.
- Rudimentary installation of fonts from Google fonts.
- File and plugin conflicts between different versions of sketch.

Figma Advantages:

- A single source of truth, the project as it is in Figma is always the most updated version, there is no doubt about Do I have the latest version? Will I need to upload any changes? Have I uploaded my latest changes?
- Collaboration in real time, which allows for resolving doubts or conflicts in a fluid, instantaneous and precise way.
- Comments (Feedback) In Figma, we forget about having to consult an external platform for feedback on the design.
- Avoid dependencies on external tools such as (Zeplin, Invision, Abstract, Plant and a long etc)
- Better performance on large projects.
- Follow Mode: Allows a remote presentation to be made and the other person to see what I am seeing, avoiding confusion and increasing the productivity of the meeting.
- Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac.
- Integration with Google Fonts, avoiding downloading and installing font families.
- No plugin conflicts with Figma, no version conflicts with Figma

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Design Systems

Within the sea of tools available to create a Design System Figma for us is the best option, for the following reasons:

- The flow that a design system requires is integrated into Figma natively, and is not dependent on external tools.
- Updated component libraries available to all team members.
- Text styles, colors, grids and layer effects are part of the library.
- All of the changes made to the library are registered in the version control, meaning that you can restore old versions at any time.
- Once we have the library with the basics we can nourish our designs simply with a drag & drop of the components already created.


- Easy installation and removal.
- There are no conflicts between the plugins or Figma.
- The marketplace provides visibility to plugin creators.
- All are free, perhaps in the future this may change.
- Possible ways to have your own and private plugins.

Version control

- Figma already has a version control integrated, which works in two ways:
- First: "Autosave" as we work from time to time saves the version we are working on.
- Second: We can add a version that allows us to add a title and description, leaving the rest of the team on record.

Contribution to the community

The opportunities that opened up thanks to Figma's free Plan are available to any designer starting their professional career without the barrier of paying a subscription or being forced to buy a Mac to work, because Figma also works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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